Golden beets are a delicious and nutritious vegetable that can be cooked in a variety of ways. This article will show you how to cook golden beets on the stove, providing you with a simple and easy method to enjoy this vibrant vegetable. Whether you want to roast them, boil them, or sauté them, there are plenty of options to suit your taste and cooking style.

Golden beets, also known as yellow beets, are a milder and sweeter alternative to their red counterparts. They are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, including folate, potassium, and vitamin C. Golden beets have a beautiful golden hue that adds a pop of color to any dish, making them an appealing choice for both cooking and presentation.

To cook golden beets on the stove, start by washing them thoroughly to remove any dirt or debris. You can then peel the beets using a vegetable peeler or a knife. After peeling, slice the beets into your desired shape and size. This can be thin rounds, matchsticks, or chunks, depending on your preference.

Tip: To prevent staining, it’s a good idea to wear kitchen gloves while handling golden beets, as they can leave a yellowish hue on your hands.

Once your beets are prepared, you can choose from a variety of cooking methods. One popular method is to roast the beets in the oven. To do this, preheat your oven to 400°F (200°C), place the beet slices on a baking sheet, drizzle them with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and roast for about 25-30 minutes, or until they are tender and slightly caramelized.

Preparation of golden beets

Before cooking golden beets on the stove, it is important to properly prepare them. Follow these steps to ensure that your beets are ready to be cooked:

1. Start by washing the golden beets under running water to remove any dirt or debris. Use a vegetable brush to gently scrub the beets if needed.

2. Once the beets are clean, trim off the tops and bottoms of each beet using a sharp knife. This will make it easier to peel and cook the beets.

3. Next, using a vegetable peeler, carefully peel the skin off the beets. Make sure to remove all of the outer skin, as it can be tough and chewy when cooked.

4. After peeling, cut the beets into your desired shape and size. You can slice them into rounds, dice them into cubes, or cut them into thin strips.

5. If you are not planning to use the beets immediately, you can store them in a covered container or plastic bag in the refrigerator. They will stay fresh for several days.

Following these preparation steps will ensure that your golden beets are ready to be cooked and will result in a delicious and flavorful dish.

Choosing the right beets

When it comes to cooking golden beets, selecting the right ones is key to ensure a delicious and flavorful dish. Here are some tips to help you choose the best beets:

  • Look for beets that are firm and heavy for their size. Avoid any beets that feel spongy or have soft spots, as these are signs of spoilage.
  • Inspect the beet’s skin. It should be smooth and free of cuts, blemishes, or wrinkles. Avoid beets with rough or damaged skin.
  • Check the top greens of the beet. They should be vibrant and fresh-looking, without any signs of wilting or yellowing.
  • Size matters. Smaller beets are typically sweeter and more tender, while larger beets tend to have a stronger flavor and can be a bit tougher.
  • If possible, opt for organic beets to minimize exposure to pesticides and chemicals.
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By following these guidelines, you can ensure you’re getting high-quality beets that will enhance your golden beet dish with their natural sweetness and earthy flavor.

Washing and peeling

Before cooking golden beets on the stove, it is important to start with properly washing and peeling them. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Start by rinsing the golden beets under cold running water to remove any dirt or debris from their surface.

Step 2: Once rinsed, use a vegetable brush or a clean cloth to gently scrub the beets, ensuring that all areas are thoroughly cleaned.

Step 3: Trim off the leafy tops and the root ends of the beets using a sharp knife.

Step 4: Next, use a vegetable peeler or a knife to carefully peel the skin off the beets. Make sure to remove all the outer skin, as it can be tough and fibrous.

Step 5: Once peeled, rinse the beets again to remove any residual dirt or skin particles.

Note: It is advisable to wear gloves while handling beets to prevent staining your hands.

Now that your golden beets are properly washed and peeled, they are ready to be cooked on the stove.

Slicing and dicing

Once the golden beets are cooked and cooled, it’s time to slice and dice them for serving. Follow these steps to prepare the beets:

1. Removing the skin

To remove the skin from the cooked golden beets, gently rub the beets with your hands to loosen the skin. Then, use a knife or your fingers to peel off the skin. The skin should come off easily, revealing the vibrant yellow flesh underneath.

2. Slicing the beets

Once the skin is removed, you can slice the beets into your desired shape and thickness. For a simple presentation, slice the beets into even rounds. If you prefer a different shape, such as cubes or julienne strips, adjust your knife accordingly.

3. Dicing the beets

If you prefer smaller, bite-sized pieces, you can dice the sliced beets further. Place the beet slices on a cutting board and use a sharp knife to cut them into small cubes. You can also dice them into larger chunks if you prefer a heartier texture.

Remember, the size and shape of the sliced and diced beets can affect their cooking time and overall taste. So experiment with different sizes to find your preferred texture.

Once the beets are sliced and diced, they are ready to be served in a salad, roasted vegetable medley, or any other dish of your choice. Enjoy the delicious and nutritious flavor of golden beets!

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Boiling the beets

Boiling beets is a simple way to cook them and preserve their natural flavor and texture. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start by peeling the golden beets and cutting off the tops and bottoms.
  2. Then, rinse the beets under cold water to remove any dirt or debris.
  3. Place the beets in a large pot and cover them with water. Make sure the water level is at least 1 inch above the beets.
  4. Add a pinch of salt to the water to enhance the flavor of the beets.
  5. Bring the water to a boil over medium-high heat.
  6. Once the water is boiling, reduce the heat to low and let the beets simmer for about 30-40 minutes, or until they are tender.
  7. To check if the beets are done, gently insert a fork or knife into the center of a beet. If it goes in easily, they are cooked.
  8. Once the beets are cooked, carefully drain the water and transfer them to a bowl filled with ice water. This will help cool them down and make them easier to handle.
  9. After a few minutes, remove the beets from the ice water and pat them dry with a paper towel.
  10. Your boiled golden beets are now ready to be enjoyed as a side dish or added to your favorite recipes!

Boiled beets can be used in a variety of dishes, such as salads, soups, and roasted vegetable medleys. They also make a nutritious and colorful addition to any meal. Experiment with different seasonings and serving options to discover your favorite way to enjoy these vibrant root vegetables!

Seasoning and serving

Once the golden beets are cooked to perfection, it’s time to season them and prepare them for serving. Here are some ideas for seasoning and serving your delicious golden beets:

1. Simple seasoning:

You can keep it simple by seasoning the golden beets with salt and pepper. The natural sweetness of the beets pairs well with the savory flavors of these seasonings.

2. Lemon and herbs:

Add a refreshing twist to your golden beets by squeezing fresh lemon juice over them and sprinkling them with chopped herbs, such as parsley or dill. The citrusy flavor of the lemon and the fragrant herbs enhance the taste of the beets.

Tips: Try adding a pinch of lemon zest for an extra burst of flavor, or experiment with different herbs to find your favorite combination.

3. Balsamic glaze:

If you prefer a slightly tangy and sweet flavor, drizzle some balsamic glaze over your cooked golden beets. The rich and slightly caramelized flavor of the glaze complements the earthy taste of the beets.

Tips: You can make your own balsamic glaze by simmering balsamic vinegar until it thickens, or you can purchase it pre-made from the store.

4. Goat cheese and walnuts:

Create a gourmet salad by combining the cooked golden beets with crumbled goat cheese and chopped walnuts. The creamy and tangy goat cheese pairs well with the sweet beets, while the walnuts add a delightful crunch.

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Tips: Toast the walnuts before chopping them to enhance their flavor, and consider adding some mixed greens to the salad for added freshness.

Whichever seasoning and serving option you choose, be sure to let the flavors meld together by allowing the golden beets to cool for a few minutes before serving. Enjoy the unique and delicious taste of golden beets prepared on the stove!

Enjoying your golden beets!

Now that you have cooked your golden beets to perfection, it’s time to enjoy them! These vibrant and flavorful root vegetables are not only delicious, but also packed with nutrients. Here are some ideas on how to serve and enjoy your golden beets:

1. Golden Beet Salad Thinly slice the cooked golden beets and toss them with your favorite salad greens. Drizzle with a light vinaigrette dressing and sprinkle some crumbled goat cheese or toasted walnuts for added texture and flavor.
2. Roasted Golden Beets If you prefer a heartier dish, try roasting the golden beets. Place the cooked beets in a baking dish, drizzle with olive oil, and season with salt and pepper. Roast in the oven at 400°F (200°C) for about 20-25 minutes until they are slightly caramelized and tender.
3. Golden Beet Soup Blend the cooked golden beets with vegetable broth, garlic, and your favorite herbs to make a creamy golden beet soup. Serve it warm with a dollop of Greek yogurt or a sprinkle of fresh herbs.
4. Golden Beet Chips If you’re craving a healthy and crunchy snack, why not try making golden beet chips? Thinly slice the cooked beets, toss them with olive oil, and spread them on a baking sheet. Bake at 375°F (190°C) for 20-25 minutes until they are crispy and golden.

No matter how you choose to enjoy your golden beets, they are sure to add a burst of flavor and a pop of color to your meal. So go ahead and get creative with these versatile root vegetables!


How long does it take to cook golden beets on the stove?

It usually takes about 45 minutes to cook golden beets on the stove.

What is the best way to cook golden beets on the stove?

The best way to cook golden beets on the stove is to first peel and dice them, then boil them in a pot of water until they are tender.

Can I cook golden beets whole or should I cut them up first?

You can cook golden beets either whole or cut up, but cutting them into smaller pieces will help them cook more evenly and faster.

Can I add any seasonings to the golden beets while they cook?

Yes, you can add seasonings such as salt, pepper, herbs, or spices to enhance the flavor of the golden beets while they cook.

Are there any health benefits associated with eating golden beets?

Yes, golden beets are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and they can provide several health benefits such as improved digestion, lower blood pressure, and increased energy levels.