If you’re a fan of Filipino cuisine, you’ve probably heard of dinuguan pork. Also known as “chocolate meat,” this dish is a popular and unique delicacy in the Philippines.

Dinuguan pork is a rich and flavorful stew made from pork, pork blood, and various spices. It has a distinctive dark color and a savory taste that is often compared to a thick, dark chocolate sauce.

To cook dinuguan pork, you will need a few key ingredients such as pork belly or pork shoulder, vinegar, garlic, onions, and chili peppers. The dish is traditionally cooked by simmering the pork in vinegar until tender, then adding the pork blood to thicken the sauce.

Some variations of dinuguan pork also include other ingredients such as liver, intestines, or chili peppers for added flavor and heat. The dish is typically served with steamed rice and is often enjoyed with a side of puto, a Filipino rice cake.

Although dinuguan pork may sound unusual and intimidating to some, it is a beloved dish in the Philippines that is worth trying. Its unique combination of flavors and ingredients makes it a true representation of Filipino cuisine.

Preparation for Cooking Dinuguan Pork

Before cooking dinuguan pork, it is important to prepare all the necessary ingredients and equipment. Here are the steps to prepare for cooking this delicious Filipino dish:

Gather the Ingredients:

1. 1 kilogram of pork belly or pork shoulder, cut into small pieces

2. 3 cloves of garlic, minced

3. 1 medium-sized onion, chopped

4. 2 tablespoons of cooking oil

5. 2 cups of pig’s blood

6. 3 pieces of green chili peppers (siling haba)

7. 2 tablespoons of vinegar

8. Salt and pepper to taste

Prepare the Equipment:

1. A large pot or deep pan

2. A wooden spoon or spatula for stirring

3. A knife for cutting the pork

4. A cutting board

5. A garlic press or mincer for chopping the garlic

6. A chopping board for the onion

7. A measuring cup or tablespoon for the vinegar

8. A stove or cooking range for heating

Tip: Make sure to clean and sanitize all the equipment and utensils before cooking to ensure food safety.

Now that you have prepared all the ingredients and equipment, you are ready to start cooking the dinuguan pork. Follow the next steps to create this flavorful Filipino dish.

Ingredients needed for Dinuguan Pork Recipe

To make a delicious Dinuguan Pork dish, you will need the following ingredients:

Ingredients Quantity
Pork 500 grams
Pork Blood 1 cup
Vinegar 1/4 cup
Garlic 4 cloves (minced)
Onion 1 piece (diced)
Oil 2 tablespoons
Long Green Chili 2 pieces
Ginger 1 thumb-sized piece (sliced)
Bay Leaves 2 pieces
Salt 1 teaspoon
Ground Black Pepper 1/4 teaspoon
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Make sure to gather all the ingredients before starting the cooking process. This list of ingredients will ensure that you have everything you need to create a flavorful and authentic Dinuguan Pork dish.

Steps to Cook Dinuguan Pork

Step 1: Gather all the necessary ingredients for cooking dinuguan pork. You will need pork belly or shoulder, garlic, onion, vinegar, water, pork blood, chili peppers, bay leaves, and salt.

Step 2: In a large pot, heat some oil over medium heat. Add the garlic and cook until fragrant.

Step 3: Add the onions and cook until they become translucent.

Step 4: Add the pork and cook until it becomes brown on all sides.

Step 5: Pour in the vinegar and let it simmer for a few minutes to reduce the sourness.

Step 6: Add water, enough to cover the pork. Drop in the bay leaves and chili peppers for added flavor.

Step 7: Bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce the heat and let it simmer for about 1-2 hours or until the pork becomes tender.

Step 8: Once the pork is tender, add the pork blood and stir continuously to prevent it from clotting.

Step 9: Season with salt according to your taste preference. Let it simmer for a few more minutes until the sauce thickens.

Step 10: Remove from heat and serve hot. You can enjoy dinuguan pork with rice or puto, a type of Filipino steamed rice cake.

Note: Dinuguan pork is a popular Filipino dish that is often served during special occasions or gatherings. It is a savory stew made with pork, pork blood, and various spices. The dish is known for its rich and flavorful sauce, perfect for those who enjoy hearty and bold flavors.

Tips for Cooking Delicious Dinuguan Pork

If you’re looking to make a mouth-watering dish of dinuguan pork, consider following these tips:

Tip 1: Use fresh ingredients
Tip 2: Choose the right cut of pork
Tip 3: Marinate the pork
Tip 4: Prep all your ingredients in advance
Tip 5: Slow cooking is key
Tip 6: Adjust the seasoning to your taste
Tip 7: Allow it to simmer for a longer time
Tip 8: Garnish and serve

By following these tips, you’ll be able to create a delicious and authentic dinuguan pork dish that will satisfy your cravings.

Serving Suggestions for Dinuguan Pork

Once you’ve finished cooking the delicious and savory dinuguan pork, it’s time to think about how to present it to your guests. Here are some serving suggestions that will enhance the overall dining experience.

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1. White Rice

Dinuguan pork is traditionally served with steamed white rice. The rich and flavorful sauce of the dish complements the plainness of the rice, creating a perfect balance of taste. The rice also helps to absorb the sauce, making every bite even more enjoyable.

2. Puto

Puto is a type of Filipino steamed rice cake that pairs exceptionally well with dinuguan pork. Its subtle sweetness and soft texture provide a pleasant contrast to the richness of the dish. You can serve a piece of puto on the side or place it on top of the dinuguan pork to soak up the sauce.

3. Crispy Pork Belly

For an indulgent and decadent twist, consider serving dinuguan pork with crispy pork belly. The crispy and fatty pork belly adds a delightful textural element to the dish and complements the deep flavors of the dinuguan pork. Simply slice the crispy pork belly into bite-sized pieces and arrange them alongside the dinuguan pork.

4. Pickled Vegetables

To balance out the richness of dinuguan pork, serve it with pickled vegetables. The sour and tangy flavors of pickled vegetables help cleanse the palate between each bite. You can use a combination of carrots, cucumber, and radish, or choose your favorite pickled vegetables to accompany the dish.

5. Fresh Green Chillies

If you enjoy a spicy kick, serve dinuguan pork with fresh green chillies. The heat from the chillies adds a zesty and fiery element to the dish, enhancing its flavor profile. Slicing the chillies and placing them on the side allows diners to add them according to their spice tolerance.

By following these serving suggestions, you can elevate the dining experience and create a memorable meal for anyone fortunate enough to taste your homemade dinuguan pork.

Variations and Additions to Dinuguan Pork Recipe

While the traditional dinuguan pork recipe is already delicious on its own, you can also add variations and make some additions to enhance its flavor. Here are some ideas:

1. Seafood Dinuguan: For a twist on the classic recipe, you can use seafood instead of pork. Try using shrimp, squid, or fish fillets. The combination of seafood and the rich dinuguan sauce creates a unique and flavorful dish.

2. Vegetarian Dinuguan: If you’re vegetarian or looking for a meatless option, you can substitute the pork with tofu or mushrooms. The deep flavors of the dinuguan sauce will still complement these ingredients and create a hearty vegetarian dish.

3. Dinuguan with Vegetables: To add more nutrients and texture to your dinuguan, you can incorporate vegetables such as eggplant or green beans. Simply slice them and add them to the dish during the cooking process. The addition of vegetables will give your dinuguan a fresh and slightly crunchy element.

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4. Spicy Dinuguan: If you enjoy spicy food, you can add chili peppers or hot sauce to your dinuguan. The heat from the spices will give your dish an extra kick and elevate its flavor profile.

5. Toppings and Garnishes: To enhance the presentation and taste of your dinuguan, you can add toppings and garnishes. Some popular options include chopped scallions, fried garlic, or a squeeze of lemon or calamansi juice.

Feel free to experiment with these variations and additions to create your own unique twist on the traditional dinuguan pork recipe. Enjoy the delicious flavors and share this Filipino dish with your friends and family!


What ingredients are needed to cook dinuguan pork?

To cook dinuguan pork, you will need the following ingredients: pork belly, vinegar, water, garlic, onion, ginger, chili pepper, salt, black pepper, and pork blood.

How do you prepare pork blood for dinuguan pork?

To prepare pork blood for dinuguan pork, you need to wash it thoroughly and remove any impurities. Then, you can add vinegar or calamansi juice to prevent it from coagulating. Mix it well before adding it to the dish.

What is the traditional way of cooking dinuguan pork?

The traditional way of cooking dinuguan pork involves simmering pork belly in a mixture of vinegar and water until tender. Then, garlic, onion, ginger, and chili pepper are sautéed in a separate pan. The pork blood is added and cooked until it thickens. Finally, the cooked pork belly is added to the mixture and simmered for a few more minutes until the flavors blend together.

Can I substitute pork blood with another ingredient?

Yes, if you prefer not to use pork blood, you can substitute it with tofu or cooked chicken liver. These alternatives will give the dish a similar texture and flavor.

What is dinuguan pork?

Dinuguan pork, also known as blood stew, is a traditional Filipino dish made with pork meat cooked in a rich and savory sauce made from pig’s blood.

What are the ingredients needed to cook dinuguan pork?

The main ingredients needed to cook dinuguan pork include pork meat (usually pork belly or shoulder), pig’s blood, vinegar, garlic, onions, chili peppers, and various seasonings like salt and pepper.